Memo of Understanding

Yale in Kentucky, Inc.

Bulldogs in the Bluegrass 2014

In order to specify the expectations and responsibilities of the parties participating in this summer intern program, Bulldogs in the Bluegrass (BITB) has prepared this Memo of Understanding. YOU MUST RETURN THIS SIGNED MEMO via MAIL or FAX FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION TO PARTICIPATE.

Please review all sections of this form, print it, sign it, and fax it to: Bulldogs in the Bluegrass c/o Ann Curtis (502) 897-1295

Program Mission

The mission of the Bulldogs in the Bluegrass program is to attract talented Yale students to settle in Louisville, KY. Bulldogs in the Bluegrass (BITB) will accomplish this by bringing approximately 30 Yale undergraduates to Louisville each summer for high-quality internships, community introductions, mentorship, and social events.

Employer Responsibilities and Guidelines

  1. EMPLOYERS will have identified within their organizations meaningful full-time work for the ten-week internship that will prove to be educational and challenging for the interns, as well as beneficial for their respective organizations. EMPLOYERS will complete the Job Description Form with this information and submit to BITB by December 15 for posting to the web site for student access. BITB will not make any assertions or guarantees of STUDENT interest in posted jobs. Please prepare submissions for the web site remembering that you are marketing your position to a college audience.
  2. Selection of a STUDENT is at the sole discretion of the EMPLOYER. BITB makes no representations concerning the suitability of any STUDENT for any position.
  3. EMPLOYERS will send the intern’s supervisor to a Supervisor Information Meeting conducted by BITB to be held in April prior to the students’ arrival (specific date for meeting to be announced).
  4. STUDENTS will not be employees or agents of BITB. STUDENTS will be employees of the EMPLOYER and as such must be:
    • paid by the EMPLOYER
    • covered by EMPLOYER’S workers’ compensation and liability insurance
    • considered “at will” employees and thus expected to meet all the standards for employment as other employees, including risk of termination for insufficient or substandard work performance.
  5. The substantial majority of work required from the STUDENT will be during normal business hours (8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.) on weekdays. EMPLOYERS must allow the STUDENTS to be absent from work for five specified days with no decrease in their compensation. These five days include the Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays and three other days to be announced by BITB by May 1. The three additional days may consist of a combination of full and/or half days and will be used by BITB for programs to introduce the STUDENTS to Louisville and the surrounding area through special forums and activities.
  6. During the ten-week internship, EMPLOYERS can expect that STUDENTS will occasionally require “long lunches” to attend civic clubs, assist in presentations about Bulldogs in the Bluegrass and the like with no decrease in compensation. BITB will make every effort to limit participation by individual STUDENTS so as not to remove any single STUDENT from work too often.
  7. EMPLOYERS must have e-mail and must be facile enough in its use to conduct practically all hiring discussions and administrative communication concerning this internship by this means. All forms and information will be available at the web site.

 BITB Responsibilities and Guidelines

  1. BITB will have the web site up and available for STUDENT access upon the commencement of the Holiday break in December.
  2. BITB will promote the Bulldogs in the Bluegrass program on the Yale campus and encourage STUDENTS to review the web site and apply for positions in Louisville.
  3. Once the completed Commitment Letter has been submitted, awarding of and funding of a position in BITB is at the sole discretion of BITB and is based on the number of positions remaining.

Student Responsibilities and Guidelines

  1. STUDENTS may move in to the specified dormitory beginning the Sunday of Memorial weekend and they must leave no later than Saturday after the end of the internship.
  2. As ambassadors of Yale University and visitors to the area, STUDENTS are expected to follow the rules and guidelines of the dormitory and employer while participating in the Bulldogs program.
  3. All STUDENTS will receive a minimum salary of $2,700.00. Housing and many group events will be provided to the STUDENTS at no cost to them.
  4. All STUDENTS participating in the program will be housed in the same location at no charge to them.

Financial Considerations

  1. All EMPLOYERS will pay directly to STUDENTS a minimum salary of $2,700.00 for the ten-week internship. Payment must be made biweekly or more frequently and must be allocated roughly equally over the ten-week period.
  2. Non-Subsidized EMPLOYERS will also make a separate $1,300.00 contribution to BITB to defray some of the STUDENTS’ housing costs. (This amounts to a total contribution of $4,000.00 per student from Non-Subsidized EMPLOYERS or for Qualified Subsidized EMPLOYERS who have hired more than one intern will pay $1,300 per intern in excess of one.)
  3. The cost of housing for the ten-week internship will be paid by BITB with some contribution toward housing costs by Non-Subsidized EMPLOYERS as stated above.
SUMMARY OF EMPLOYER COSTS Qualified Subsidized Employers Non-Subsidized Employers
Wages $ 2700 $ 2700
Housing $ 300 $1300
Total paid by employer $3000 $ 4000
Total hours worked 360 360
$/hour $8.33/hr $11.11/hr


  1. EMPLOYERS will provide BITB with a detailed job description for posting on the web site as soon as possible. Acceptance of job descriptions for posting will be at the sole discretion of BITB. Job Description Templates must be submitted electronically via email.
  2. It is very important that the intern selection process be COMPLETED (with fully executed Commitment Letters on behalf of EMPLOYERS and STUDENTS) by March 31.
  3. EMPLOYERS and STUDENTS must each accept the Offer Letter to receive housing consideration.
  4. The ten-week internship will begin the Tuesday following the Memorial Day holiday and end ten weeks later on August 1, 2014. Arrangements between EMPLOYERS and STUDENTS for a shorter term from these dates will not be considered for funding.

I understand and accept the stipulations listed above.

_____________________________________________Employer Name _____________________________________________Signature Date _____________________________________________Organization Title


  • December 15 – the positions in Simplicity are open to applications. The students will apply through the Simplicity application system on the Undergraduate Career Services website at Yale, Each application will include a cover letter, resume, and any additional information requested in the job posting. All applications will be held in the system until the February 3rd deadline. Employers will receive application bundles of all applicants.
  • IMPORTANT – Please communicate with each applicant within 48 hours of receiving the application and, if possible, conduct the interview within the first week. If you know you are NOT interested in an applicant, please let them know so they can pursue other opportunities.
  • After the February 3rd deadline, applications will arrive directly to the employer as they are submitted. It is important to remember that many students are applying to multiple positions, including positions to Bulldogs programs in other cities. It can become competitive, so it is important for Employers to be timely in their phone interviews.
  • After conducting interviews, Employers submit their top five choices on the Simplicity website and Brian Frenette at Yale Career Services office will extend the offers to the students, moving down the list of choices, if necessary. Students have three days to accept/decline the job offer.
  • If a position is not filled, the position will be reopened to receive more applications. This is not uncommon and we encourage Employers to not get discouraged.


 Bulldogs orientations on Yale campus.


  • Employers will attend a Supervisor’s meeting where they will receive important information about the summer. It will include important days off we’d like the interns to have so they may participate in community immersion activities. While we like the Bulldogs to participate in these activities, we realize their first obligation is to you, and understand if these dates conflict with training/work activities. Our hope is that by supplying these dates early we can work around any possible conflicts.
  • Employers contact students to share information about travel to work (especially if they will need a parking pass), dress code, work hours, employment expectations, etc. We encourage employers to offer transportation on the first day or two to help the student acclimate.
  • Students move into housing beginning Sunday, May 26th. Their first day of work is Tuesday, May 27th.


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