Information & Frequently Asked Questions:

Who are the sponsors of the Bulldogs in the Bluegrass program?

The Yale Club of Kentucky, a 501-(c) 3 nonprofit entity, is the alumni club for Yale alumni and friends of Yale in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. There are about 250 Yale in Kentucky members in the Greater Louisville area, and roughly 600 statewide. Bulldogs in the Bluegrass is primarily supported by contributions from Kentucky Yale alumni.

Who is eligible to participate in the Bulldogs program?

Yale students in good standing who have completed their freshman year, students currently graduating and graduate students who have completed their first year of graduate school.

Is there a deadline for applications?

The job posting will indicate the deadline, although all unfilled positions will be reopened until the position has been filled. The awarding of positions will be on a first-come, first-serve basis for the initial 15 employers and students to reach an employment agreement and forward their executed commitment letter to the Yale Club of Kentucky; therefore, preference is given to early applicants and commitments. We understand you may be applying to multiple programs, and may request additional time to make a decision. Although the flexibility rests ultimately with the employer, the Bulldogs program strongly suggests you be careful when making such a request. Asking for a few days is one thing, but asking for more than that paralyzes their ability to find an inter, clogs the hiring process, and is unprofessional. Please note that once you commit to an employer, it is NOT OK to try to withdraw your commitment. Please think wisely before you return the commitment letter. Also, if you are taking the MCATS, or have other time constricting obligations that may interfere with your summer commitment, we ask that you take these into consideration before making your commitment to be in the Bulldogs program for the summer.

Who is the employer?

Each participant is an “at will” employee of the employing organization. The employers establish all issues relating to your employment. All students are expected to follow procedures and policies of their employers. The Yale Club of Kentucky will not employ any student, nor shall any employment by the Yale Club of Kentucky be implied.

Payment: As a Bulldog intern, you are considered an employee as all other employees or summer interns with your employer, and are therefore subject to normal withholding procedures on your paycheck. Feel free to discuss the particulars of your pay period with your employer. Some are bi-weekly, others pay on slightly different time frames.

You will be off work on Memorial Day and July 4th. We will have a big welcome picnic on Memorial Day for you to meet your mentors (casual) and we usually have several OPTIONAL activities for the July 4 holiday.

What is the interview process?

Each employer will use its own interview procedures to make its final employment determination. Yale Club of Kentucky may also interview students prior to awarding a position in the program.

Please note that Bellarmine University and the Bulldogs program maintains a NO ALCOHOL policy. Alcohol is prohibited on campus at all times, including the dorms. Failure to abide by this policy can result in loss of housing, and forfeiture of position in the Bulldogs program.

Transportation: IF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO A CAR for the summer, we strongly suggest that you bring it. While it is not necessary for most internships, and students generally work out carpools, you will find it easier to get to events, dinner, etc. if you have a car. The Bulldogs will often travel in carpools to evening and weekend activities, and when the group arrives at the beginning of the summer, we’ll work out a plan for gas reimbursement so those who have cars are fairly compensated. Parking at the dorm is free. Please confirm with your employer whether or not you NEED a car for your internship. Some employers are located across the city and public transportation is not a feasible option.

If you have a bike and are able to bring it, there are plenty of great areas to ride. There are bike shops with bikes to rent for those who are interested. We can arrange a borrowed bike for the summer for those who are interested.

Arrival: If you are flying to Louisville, you will fly into Standiford Field, which is the only major airport we have. You are responsible for getting yourself from the airport to Bellarmine University, and taxis are available and inexpensive. We will do all we can to arrange a ride from the airport.

Weather: The weather gets HOT in Louisville, (expect 80s and high 90s much of the summer) but many of your offices will be quite cold with air conditioning. If you don’t know simply by the nature of your job, ask your employer what the proper attire is for work. After hours, you will be in casual clothes for most of our events—there will be two “nice” events where you will be required to dress up, so bring something appropriate!

Housing: You can check into the dorm at ANY TIME you arrive. Please send Ann your arrival information so she can ensure someone is on duty to let you in.

If you would like to ship a box or two of items directly to Bellarmine University, you can send them to to:

(Your Name)
Bellarmine University/Bulldogs in the Bluegrass
2001 Newburg Road
Louisville, KY 40205

Be sure to mark it to the attention of Bulldogs/Yale, since your room assignments may not be complete yet. They know you are coming, and will hold the boxes until your arrival.

The campus has a gym, library, track and tennis courts that are all available to you for the summer. The dorm has a basic kitchen with a minimal supply of pots and pans that have been donated by mentors. Each dorm room will have a small fridge, and the kitchen will have one, as well. A grocery store is located within walking distance so you can purchase food when you arrive.

There are internet hookups in the dorm. If you have access to a laptop, you might want to bring it, as the computers tend to be popular in the afternoon and evenings.

Here a list of suggested items to bring:

  • Cash to get you through expenses until your first paycheck. We suggest at least $200 to cover food, and initial event expenses (canoeing and camping).
  • Alarm clock
  • Any unique cooking supplies (we will have basic pots and pans.) plates, forks, spoons, glasses, mugs, etc.
  • Camping gear (sleeping bags, tents, hiking boots) YOU WILL NEED THEM! If you don’t want to bring a sleeping bag for the campout, feel free to ask your mentor if you can borrow one from them. They are always willing to help out!
  • Water shoes for canoeing the first Saturday. No flip flops, please!
  • At least two businesslike dresses, and coat and tie for receptions
  • Bedding – pillow, sheets (twin long), blankets, towels
  • Bathroom/kitchen cleaning supplies (tp provided)
  • Laundry soap for washing clothes. Use of the machines is free!
  • Do NOT bring items such as a microwave larger than 600 Watts, alcohol, refrigerators larger than 3.2 cubic feet, open-coil hot pots, hot plates, oil popcorn poppers, candles, or incense.


Any Questions? Please contact us.