Employer Feedback

“Her eagerness and enthusiasm was contagious. She made every project that she worked on more fun and injected some much-needed energy in our overworked department. With an intern from Bulldogs in the Bluegrass, you will always get more than you bargain for. The students are eager, attentive, conscientious and incredibly productive. They will provide just the injection of energy and creativity that your organization needs.”- Kindred Healthcare

“Having a Bulldog each summer is a lifesaver for VIPS! Being that summer is the busiest time of year for our agency, these students are always willing to jump right into whatever is thrown at them with full confidence, enthusiasm and a high work ethic. After 5+ years participating in Bulldogs in the Bluegrass, we have always been thrilled at the outcome.” Visually Impaired Preschool Services

“Always a shot of energy when our Bulldog and other interns arrive. They bring so much energy and enthusiasm that it lifts the entire organization. It is rewarding to watch them develop – for some of the interns, this is their first real solo work experience and it is enjoyable to watch them quickly grow into their own abilities.”-Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

“Ira was the best summer intern that I had ever employed.  Her work attitude and aptitude was amazing.  She was a very focused individual and liked to challenge herself… At certain points of projects we were waiting on other departments and it was difficult to keep her busy… It was rewarding to spend time with Ira.  She was a very enjoyable person.   She was very impressed with the openness and hospitality of Kentuckians… We are going to stay in touch.  Our CEO was very impressed with her.  She will submit her resume to me and I am going to forward it on to him.”-LGE-KU Energy

“We have never been disappointed in the intern we have been given.  This is our 5th year of hosting a bulldog.  They have all been very positive in their approaches, outgoing, and motivated to learn as much about mental illness as they can.  Most always they are very willing to jump in and tackle challenging tasks.  It has always been a positive experience for us… She was able to bond with some of our clients and they were very sad to see her go.”-Bridgehaven

“Bulldogs in the Bluegrass is a triple win – for employers, who gain the services of intelligent, motivated, can-do summer help; for the Bulldogs, who gain invaluable real-world work experience; and for the community, which gains in multiple ways from highly engaged young people who plunge eagerly into Louisville life. As a 16-year Bulldog employer, I recommend the program enthusiastically and without reservation.” -Humana Inc.

“Courtney did a wonderful job this summer and was very involved in the Foundation’s new Wellness Information Zone and Humana Volunteerism projects.  She was enthusiastic and focused. She also volunteered with Kentucky Refugee Ministries… We have participated in the Bulldogs program since the beginning and believe that it is making a positive and tangible impact in the lives of the participants.”-Humana Foundation

“The breadth of activities provides exciting opportunities for Bulldogs to engage with community leaders and learn about the Kentuckiana region.  Steven had only positive things to say about the scheduled activities.  He even took the initiative to email the Mayor with additional questions regarding the city’s “green policies” – and was pleased that the Mayor took the time to respond… We are very pleased with Steven’s performance.  He enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to learn everything he could about philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.  While Steven has not yet settled on a career path, his interests in law and social justice emerged early in the internship.  When the Supreme Court decision regarding racially-based student enrollment in Jefferson County Public Schools was announced, Steven’s careful reading and close analysis of the Justices’ opinions provided a level of insight into the core issues that we have found invaluable… The most challenging part of being a Bulldog supervisor remains learning to gauge how much work to give our intern without either boring him with necessary but mundane tasks, or overwhelming him with too much information in too short an amount of time.  Much of our work takes place in front of a computer, at a desk, inside the office, and this summer we were pleased to offer a joint internship with the Blackacre Conservancy.  The joint internship successfully exposed our intern to a variety of organization types and management and governance issues found within the nonprofit sector, but presented some challenges in day-to-day time and workflow management.”-The C.E.&S. Foundation


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